Rugs & Walls

Rugs & Walls

Artwork that reflects who you are...floor coverings to lend warmth and personality. Your beach house, your way!

Your home is usually a pretty acurate reflection of your personality and season of life. Even with a small budget, we manage to express ourselves through the artwork on our walls and the textiles under our feet.

Look around you. If you have small children, perhaps there are bright, childish drawings hanging somewhere. Or perhaps you have memories of weddings or graduations or vacations on your walls. If you are a minimalist, there may be little to no superfluous adornment on your walls save a very few pieces that you love and that really speak to you.

Walls and floors change 'clothes' throughout the years. The wall and floor decor that was maybe a bit 'incidental' when you were in the crazy throes of child rearing/building a career/going to school evolves through life as marriages are established, careers change and kids get older and eventually leave home. That white rug that you loved but wouldn't have stayed white for 5 minutes when you had two pre-schoolers in the house, is a very real design option in a home inhabited solely by adults. LIkewise, once those cute kindergarten craft projects are a distant memory and the subjects in the school photos on your wall are married with kids of their own, you are at liberty to let your walls express your tastes, and not those of a 5 year old. (Do your kids watch to make sure their artwork is STILL on the walls at your house? Mine do...)

Where ever you are and whatever season you are in, make sure to allot some wall space that is yours alone. Allow yourself to create a haven that offers you rest and peace and joy. Walls and floors can almost entirely set the tone of a room, whether it be calm and relaxing or chaotic and unpleasant. Find your space and let the beauty that is you reveal itself.

Of course, here at My Favorite Beach House our very favorite wall decor takes us away to crystal clear turquoise waters, brilliant pink, orange and red sunsets, crashing white waves and a million shades of ocean blue. Our toes are happiest when sinking into warm, cream colored sand but they agree that the next best thing is sinking into plush rugs with whimsical shells and sailboats and flipflops to delight our eyes or elegant muted patterns reminiscent of the sea to calm our souls. Dress your walls and floors with breezy tropical flair for an elegant coastal feel, whether your view is surf or cityscape. Turn your deck or patio into a relaxing beachside oasis, even if it's in a suburban backyard, with beautiful rugs that can live indoors or out. Add a sophisticated mirror to your wall for the ultimate pop of sparkle and your room instantly feels more refined.

Creating the one-of-a-kind living space that is uniquely 'you' is easy at My Favorite Beach House!