The sophisticated coastal vibe you want to achieve starts with just the right lighting...

Have you ever walked in to a room and realized that even though you disliked the style of decor, you were enchanted with the room? It felt right or warm or inviting or crisp or elegant or...something that drew you in and made you want to linger. This is not an uncommon phenomenon and one possible explanation is that probably more than any other single design element, the lighting in a room dramatically affects people.

Lighting, and possibly lighting alone, almost single-handedly affects more than just the visual of the five senses. Lighting does affect you visually, of course, but it also has the power to influence mood and emotion. Science has proven that sunlight, the presence or absence of which affects us physically, has a powerful impact on our mood and even behavior. Indoor ambient lighting can have almost the same power. Shades and hues, shadow and light, dark and bright...all influence how we feel about a room and in a room. 

Obviously, the intent of our decor is to avoid scenarios like the one above. We all want our guests to actually like our decor as well as want to linger...well, maybe unless it's your mother-in-law. Fortunately, at My Favorite Beach House the choices are almost unlimited when it comes to satisfying your personal lamp and lighting styles and tastes.

As you can well imagine, we especially love unique, elegant, sophisticated lamps that exude a serene, coastal vibe. Coral and mother of pearl, driftwood and Coastal Beach Lamps that are virtual works of art with imaginative bases that remind us of gifts of the sea. For more classic tastes, find the colors of the ocean and shore with handsome ceramic and even straw lamps in Classic Beach Lamps. Lovers of contemporary decor, fear not. Clean lines, captivating finishes, and even an incredibly stunning lamp base that incorporates natural agate are waiting for you in Contemporary Beach Lamps. And of course, whether it's the salon on your yacht or the study in your city apartment that's yearning to set sail on the high seas (or at least look like it could), just the right rope lamps, buoy lamps and fishing net lamps are waiting for you in Nautical Beach Lamps.

Just the right lighting can take your mood away to the sea and shore every time you enter a expensive vacation escape required!