Beach Cooler

Beach Cooler

I put my symptoms on WebMD and it turns out I just need to be on a beach drinking something cold...

Of course, at My Favorite Beach House we are generally of the opinion that the beach and a cold drink are the cure for most anything that ails you. And we have what it takes to keep that drink ice cold.

There is nothing worse than finding that you can't give your hot, sandy, tired kids a cold drink after a long, fun day at the beach because your cooler just didn't do it's job. We love our Bongo Cooler Tote that is roomy enough for drinks and snacks and even doubles as a seat.

With our Beach Cooler Tote you can carry your beach towel, things you want to keep dry, wet swim suit and cold drinks in one convenient bag. Packing for a weekend on the sailboat (or a day at the beach) is so easy with a classic sailcloth 24 Pack Soft Cooler Bag that will hold enough drinks and sandwiches for the whole gang. 

And, for goodness sake, don't forget the wine. With a Bodega Wine Tote you can easily keep 12 bottles of wine chilled (or 40 cans of beer or soda) and still have storage room for snacks and personal items. And with it's wheels and telescoping handle, it's a breeze to transport.

How to keep your drinks cold is just one more thing you don't have to worry about with great beach coolers from My Favorite Beach House!

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