Beach Barware

Beach Barware

Remember, the water glasses go on the left and the wine glasses go next to me. - Maxine

At My Favorite Beach House, we have long felt that there is something almost magical about serving your beverages in beautiful glassware. Everyone senses this, but few people act on it. We don't understand this...

Why would it matter whether you drink your wine out of a plastic cup or out of a magnificent wine glass sitting atop a pewter octopus stem? It matters because it makes you FEEL different to drink from the elegant glass. When cocktail hour arrives at My Favorite Beach House we make an event out of it, even if we are still sporting casual clothes or gym attire, fresh from the day's agenda. 

Cocktails for you and your guests deserve hand-blown Raindrops Rocks Glasses, in colors to match your decor. Mimosas belong in exquisite octopus stemmed flutes and wine begs to be poured into gorgeous glasses to match. And why serve a martini in a boring glass when it can be elegantly presented in an octopus stemmed objet d'art?

Of course, when you are setting a beautiful table, you want lovely water goblets to house water and iced tea. That iced tea is, of course, on your table standing by in a pewter octopus handled pitcher that will take your guests breath away. And because you are ever gracious YOU, you need perfect pewter bottle stoppers to cork your wine and spirits. 

For cocktail hour or any hour, beautify your life with barware from My Favorite Beach House!

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Water Goblet - Impressionist Aurora "Set of 4"
Vagabond House's Color Fall Aurora Impressionist Water Goblets present an aurora borealis effect..
Wine Glass - Impressionist Aurora "Set of 4"
Vagabond House's Color Fall Aurora Impressionist Wine Glasses present an aurora borealis effect ..