Beach Kitchen & Dining

Beach Kitchen & Dining

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table...especially if the table is by the beach. 

One of the dearest compliments ever received at My Favorite Beach House was uttered by a sweet son-in-law recently. He remarked that a vacation by a kiddie pool in a fenced backyard with no view would still be wonderful as long as it had a table for us to sit around and enjoy meals and each others company. Isn't that beautiful? 

If you are here, you probably know that at My Favorite Beach House we favor beach views. Washing a mountain of dishes after a wonderful family meal is no chore when crashing waves and seagulls are what we see from our kitchen window. If our dining table is as close as possible to sand and sea, we are in our happy place. But we realize that it doesn't really matter where the table is or what the view is outside the kitchen's having a table at all and who's around it that really matter. 

In our home, the kitchen and dining room are the two rooms that are most often full of people. That old saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home was never more true than it is with us...and we imagine this is true for many folks. Chances are that the kitchen and dining room are where your family truly 'lives', and chances are that you entertain guests there as well.

So don't the kitchen and dining room deserve some special love and attention? Shouldn't they reflect your style, whether that be fun, elegant, whimsical or classic? At My Favorite Beach House we have long felt that the dining room table and chairs are part of the critical foundation of your decor and should be pieces that you genuinely love. Your dining room should be a calculated representation of your design style, not a thrown together afterthought.

If you woke up this morning and realized that you've had your hand-me-down dining table for 10 years and you don't even really like it...and maybe never really might be time for a change. What do YOU like? Have you always dreamed of a white farm table with gorgeous Empire chairs in cool Island Blue? Do you drool over sleek, modern, Italian marble table tops with whimsical, white pedestal chairs bearing colorful cushions to match? Do you imagine a cool, calm, coastal color scheme to dress the dining room of your dreams. Well, you can make that dream a reality at My Favorite Beach House

Is your kitchen so bored it needs a wake up call? Does it need a beautiful buffet to display and store your dinnerware and serveware and linens? Would fun, lively lucite barstools bring your breakfast bar back to life?

Give the heart of your home some CPR. Make your kitchen and dining room dreams come true with beautiful furniture from My Favorite Beach House!

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