Tropical flair isn't just for the beach house anymore...

Tropical, coastal flair is just as appropriate for chic city apartments, cozy suburban cottages or warm family homes. 

At My Favorite Beach House we are big believers in creating your own escapes where ever you are. Who says your home's locale has to dictate how it's dressed? Your home wants to do it's own thing. Your home wants to go to the beach! And if it can't go all in, at least let a room or two go.

Give your Living Room over to the call of the sea that it has been trying to resist. And go ahead, let your Living Room have the tufted Italian leather loveseat that it has always wanted as the foundation for the seaside inspired decor that it knows you will build.

Throw caution (and boredom) to the wind and let your Bedroom go coastal. Who wouldn't want to wake up every morning feeling like they had been transported to a Key West bungalow, complete with a Plantation Bed that was meant to inspire pleasant dreams of crystal, turquoise seas. 

Send your Patio to the tropics, unless you're afraid your guests will never want to leave the warm, inviting tropical ambiance you've created. Set the tone with beautiful, handcrafted Wave chairs that are made to last for generations. 

Create the ocean inspired Dining Room that will make your family look forward to meals at home, and wonder why they can't hear the sounds of the surf and the seagulls call. Experience the unrivaled elegance of dining on a cool, white marble tabletop gracing a modern sleek white base. 

What bliss, to create the escape you dream of, not just for all too brief, once a year vacations, but to enjoy with your loved ones every single day of the year! You can create just such a place, with furniture that can take your home decor to the coast, even if your home is up to it's eaves in snow. The only hard part is choosing between spectacular classic pine furniture made in America and unique modern imported pieces to lay the foundation for the perfect oasis that is your home.

Welcome home, every day, to the coastal retreat you long for, with a little help from My Favorite Beach House!