Coastal Treasures

Coastal Treasures

The home should be the treasure chest of living. - Le Corbusier

If you're like us at My Favorite Beach House, you may wake up one day to find that your home is bursting with 'treasures' and you just aren't in love with some of them anymore. This led us to institute a rule in our lives: unless we love it and it makes us happy, it doesn't get to live in our home. 

That aesthetically challenged vase from Aunt Sally that we secretly hated? Gone. The strange souvenir our sister brought back from Japan 'just for us'...? Out. The 'sculpture' our son made in art class with used chewing gum? Ugh...tough one...but it's gone too. How'd we do it? 

It's not as hard as it seems. As far as the vase from Aunt Sally and the souvenir from our sister and any other 'sentimental' gifts or heirlooms, if possible we pass them on to other family members who might appreciate them more. If there are no takers or it would be insensitive to re-gift said treasure, we sell or donate. If the item is valuable or important to our heritage, we at least allow ourselves to store said item out of sight as long as we don't overload ourselves with 'stored out of sight' items. 

Kids artwork is a tougher issue. There were times in our home where a particular spot was designated as the showcase for the 'Artwork of the Week' (or day or month or whatever). Special items enjoyed their place in the spotlight until it was the next special item's turn. (This is also why they make refrigerator magnets.) Once the item has been displayed and enjoyed for a time, kids artwork can be photographed and then archived in a file or flash drive (with name and date logged) forever, thus relieving you of the need to save the actual item. Boom. Problem solved.

The problem of too much stuff desperately needs a solution because at My Favorite Beach House we feel that you should always be free to curate your home's accessories into a collection you love and want to look at every day. Does your entry table cry out for a gorgeous copper charger the color of which reminds you of a Puerto Vallarta sunset? Do you have just the right spot now for a set of whimsical wood bathing beauties? Does an elegant coral statuary belong on your coffee table now? Is it finally time for you to have throw pillows you love? Yes, yes, yes!!

Come home to treasures that make you happy with a little help from My Favorite Beach House!

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