Saying you don't look good in hats is like saying you don't look good in shoes.

It goes without saying that at My Favorite Beach House we spend a lot of time...at the beach. While it is our personal feeling that some sun exposure is good for us, we do realize that our faces are not one of the areas that we want to expose to the sun. What to do? Why, wear hats, of course!

Of all the things we purchase and pack for a trip to the beach, none is more exciting and fun than a new hat. Yes, we really said that. Yes, we realize it is not 1957. Come on...really! Isn't there just something delicious about shopping for a hat?! For one thing, it's unusual...you don't do it everyday. And for another thing...hats are just...FUN!

One look at yourself in a big, gorgeous, floppy straw hat with a polka dot chiffon band and you will realize that you have morphed into an instant movie star! Discover the cool vibe you never knew you had with an adorable straw fedora. A cute crochet up brim hat might be super cute with your new swim suit. Stay tuned for more fabulous hats soon! And of course you need matching canvas sailor hats for you and your man. Oh my gosh...can you tell we love hats??

And the best practical reason for all this hat love is that while you are enjoying your fun in the sun, you need to protect your face from too much exposue to the UV rays of the sun. Might as well look gorgeous while taking care of yourself!

Practicality meets beauty once again at My Favorite Beach House!

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