Beach Wear

Beach Wear

Casual and sophisticated - we have your favorite beach wear!

At My Favorite Beach House we know only too well that packing for time away at the beach requires some decision making and almost always, let's face it, some wardrobe additions.

Your mother's 'no white after Labor Day' rule does not apply here in the land of endless summer. Linen is always cool and appropriate at any time of year for any island or tropical destination.

You'll find sturdy, durable but dapper Sailor Bags in every variety to carry all of your essentials to the yacht for a long vacation weekend or on a sail around the world. Cater to your sense of ocean inspired style and find your favorite sea creature on our gorgeous hand printed canvas Beach Bags that are made in America one bag at a time, just for you.

The perfect hat to keep the sun off your face and compliment that gorgeous tan and elegant sunglasses from Italy round out your 'must pack' list. Just as your face and body need some protection from too much sun (PLEASE don't forget to pack your sunscreen), your eyes need protection from harsh UV rays which can damage them. All of our gorgeous Italian sunglasses come with their own case and cleaning cloth...your most difficult problem will be choosing between all the gorgeous styles (well, and maybe fighting off throngs of adoring fans who mistake you for a movie star!)...

Make a list. Check it twice. If you are headed to the ocean side any where in the world, take plenty of insect repellant with DEET (not particularly good for you but you'll need it...). SPF 30 sunscreen (SPF 50 if you are fair skinned) is also a must.

Insider packing tip: many insect repellants and even sunscreens can really do a number on nail polish so if you really want to be the most prepared packer ever, take a couple of pairs of latex gloves to use when you apply your bug sprays and sunscreens. You can carefully apply sunscreen to the tops of your hands last!

Now you're ready to leave your cares behind, relax and enjoy the view at My Favorite Beach House!