About My Favorite Beach House

As long as I can remember, I have loved the beach.  As a young girl, my favorite times were spent on the shore of the Texas Gulf coast, collecting shells, enjoying the sun on my face, watching the Seagulls soar and listening to the song of the surf.  This malady must be hereditary as each of my six children agree that their fondest memories are of times spent by the sea. Our family escapes as often as we can together to the beaches that we love and when we can't really be there, we love Coastal decor that reminds us of our favorite beach house. Thus began our quest for beach and tropical coastal decor and Beach Wear that would allow us to bring the beach home with us.  Now we can share our passion for all things seaside inspired with you. Everything you need for upscale classic, contemporary or traditional beach style living is right here in one place.  Thank you for visiting us at My Favorite Beach House!